What Cuomo Really Thinks About Women

What Cuomo Really Thinks About Women

Statement from Jessica Proud, Spokeswoman, New York Republican Party

August 29, 2018

“Andrew Cuomo’s latest television ad shows exactly how he feels about women. For him to suggest that a college-educated woman, with years of experience in public relations and marketing, including in the field of professional baseball, needs her husband’s help to get an hourly-wage PR job is an insult to women. The governor needs to explain himself.
“Cuomo’s syrupy and sanctimonious pandering to women is as transparent as his ethics panel’s willful blindness to the rampant corruption within the Cuomo Administration. Once again, Andrew Cuomo’s true attitude about women is revealed.”
Shame on you, Andrew Cuomo

Shame on you, Andrew Cuomo

Statement from the NYGOP on Cuomo’s Attack Against Opponent’s Wife

August 28, 2018

“There are no depths to which corrupt Andrew Cuomo won’t sink. Maya Angelou said, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them.’ After eight years of his lying, nasty attacks designed to cover up his own corruption and bullying of those who disagree with him, New Yorkers have had enough. We’d call on him to apologize, but we already know he’s too arrogant and stubborn to do it. Shame on you, Andrew Cuomo.” –-Jessica Proud, NYGOP spokeswoman
New Yorkers Chip In for One-Way Ticket to Canada for Cuomo

New Yorkers Chip In for One-Way Ticket to Canada for Cuomo


Corrupt Governor Who Doesn’t Believe America ‘Was Ever That Great’ Can Take a Hike

New York, Aug. 16…New Yorkers furious at Governor Andrew Cuomo for telling an audience Thursday that America “was never that great” have chipped in $55 for a one-way bus ticket from Albany to Canada, the New York Republican State Committee today announced. (The actual ticket, dated for Friday, is above.)


“Love it or leave it; that’s your choice, Mr. Cuomo,” said New York GOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud.  “If you don’t think America was ever great-if you don’t appreciate the extraordinary gifts your own family got from her-then there’s a bus ticket to Canada waiting for you. But if you truly believe in America, stay here and apologize to New York school children and their parents, and all Americans, for advancing the ‘hate America’ narrative being pushed by the radical left of the Democratic Party.”


New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro called on Cuomo to apologize for his remarks on Wednesday, but Mr. Cuomo has refused to do so. “Andrew Cuomo will do or say anything if he thinks it will help position himself for the presidency in 2020,” Ms. Proud continued. “What’s truly disturbing is that this governor thought that America bashing would render him applause instead of almost universal disgust. After eight years of corruption, high taxes, and crazy statements like this one, New Yorkers ready to give this Cuomo a political retirement in November.”
Micromanager Cuomo Wastes $30M on Colored Subway Tiles

Micromanager Cuomo Wastes $30M on Colored Subway Tiles

Micro-Manager Cuomo Wasted Another $30 Million on Subway Vanity Project

Intervenes on Color of Subway Tiles, Yet Expects New Yorkers to Believe Had No Knowledge of Corruption Among Closest Associates?

Another day, another shocking revelation of Cuomo wasting millions of taxpayer’s hard-earned money on his vanity projects. This latest expose by the NY Post details how Cuomo personally intervened to add colored subway tiles to the two tunnel renovations, adding an additional $30 million to the cost of the project.
There are so many things wrong with this.
In what has become the new normal, straphangers are forced to endure long delays, train malfunctions and even dangerous derailments. The “Summer of Hell” has turned into a grueling purgatory for riders due to Cuomo’s penchant for wasting billions of dollars on vanity projects instead of doing what needs to be done to make government–including the trains–operate properly.
But there’s another important point this story illustrates about Cuomo’s notorious and self-admitted reputation for being a micro-manager. Two federal corruption trials that led to the convictions of his closest associates and the facts that came out of the trials and subsequent reporting make it impossible to suggest Cuomo had no knowledge that bids were being illegally steered to his mega-donors or that state resources were continuously being used for his campaign.
Cuomo talks out of both sides of his mouth: in one breath he is bragging about paying attention to crooked subway tiles but when it comes to his corrupt administration, he’s blaming it on subordinates, saying “before you get to me there are 57 levels.”
He can’t have it both ways, but the facts continue to speak louder than any of Cuomo’s lies.
Read more below:


Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the cash-strapped MTA to waste as much as $30 million on his latest vanity project – retiling two city tunnels in the state’s blue-and-gold color scheme – instead of using the dough for desperately needed subway repairs, The Post has learned.
The boondoggle began soon after the taxpayer-funded agency ordered white tiles to reline the Brooklyn-Battery and Queens-Midtown tunnels after Superstorm Sandy, documents show.
The governor got wind of the plan – and insisted that the cash-strapped transit agency add stripes of blue and gold, thinking nothing of the additional $20 million to $30 million cost, according to sources and project documentation.
“The white tile had already been ordered, but he insisted that [the walls] be in the state colors,” a top construction executive told The Post.
Another builder confirmed that Cuomo ordered the super-costly tile change.
The move now has some on the MTA board seeing red. “We could have found much better uses for that money – especially because most people are speeding through the tunnels and not paying attention to what is on the walls,” seethed board member Andrew Albert.
A second member added, “This is exactly the type of distraction, expense and use of the MTA by the governor as a marketing tool that is at the root of many of our problems.”
The Cuomo-controlled MTA quietly approved the change in November 2016, just months before straphangers endured the “Summer of Hell” as years of neglect caught up with the system.
The MTA is still struggling to find cash to overhaul its decrepit subway signal system, replace decades-old trains and repair crumbling stations.
The MTA buried Cuomo’s tile change in two contract amendments worth $62.6 million.
Gavin Masterson, chief procurement officer of the Bridges and Tunnels division, described the changes at a committee meeting as “modifications to meet New York State branding guidelines.”
The MTA refused to make the contracts available to The Post.
The governor cut the ribbon at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel on Friday, revealing the blue and gold stripes that run its length – and quipped about the added burden.
“These construction workers had an added burden to deal with because every time I went through the tunnel, I would get out, and I would call them over and say, ‘You see this tile is crooked,’ ” Cuomo said.
But the micro-managing is no laughing matter to some workers, who say it’s gotten so bad, they call him “Chief Engineer Cuomo.”
The tunnels are just the latest example of Cuomo’s vanity spending. His office bragged in 2016 about painting the MTA’s new subway cars in the blue-and-gold color scheme, which later appeared on the MTA’s new city buses. State police cars have been repainted in the same colors.
Straphangers were outraged over the wasteful spending.
“I don’t know what cousin of [Cuomo’s] works at what agency that cooked up this idea,” said Katrina Brinkley, 39, as she stood under a dangling wire inside the crumbling Chambers Street J/Z station near City Hall – where missing tiles and leaking ceilings are the norm.
“This station is decrepit. That money could go to so many other things.”
Le-André Ramroop of Brooklyn added, “Has [Cuomo] ever seen this place? Has he been down here?”
MTA rep Jon Weinstein did not dispute the pricy tile change, only saying, “There were absolutely no wasted tiles. “The tunnel reconstruction project is an unmitigated success – finished nine months ahead of schedule and with resiliency and security measures that protect millions of New Yorkers.”
Cuomo spokesman Peter Ajemian added, “We’re proud that we completed this project on budget and ahead of schedule thanks to the men and women at the MTA and other partners.”
Additional reporting by Ruth Weissman
Statement from Chairman Cox on June 26th Primary Results

Statement from Chairman Cox on June 26th Primary Results

June 27, 2018… “Last night was a great night for New York Republicans. Our endorsed candidate Congressman Dan Donovan resoundingly won his primary, paving the way for us to retain our Republican seat in New York City. Across the state, Democrats nominated far-left candidates whose ultra-liberal policies are out of touch with everyday New Yorkers, setting up a stark contrast with our strong incumbents who have a record of results creating jobs, lowering taxes and strengthening America’s security.


“Andrew Cuomo’s path to the presidency–and even more so his reelection–were also blown up last night by Democratic voters sick of a corrupt establishment bought and paid for by corporate interests. If they rejected Joe Crowley, imagine what they’ll do to Andrew Cuomo.”
Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Start of the Cuomo ‘Buffalo Billion’ Corruption Trial

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Start of the Cuomo ‘Buffalo Billion’ Corruption Trial

“This trial will undoubtedly further lift the veil on the corrupt actions of Governor Cuomo and his associates who have made government for sale in exchange for political fortune and power. However, the ample evidence that came out of the first trial that convicted his closest aide and confidant, Joe Percoco, also revealed violations of Penal and Public Officers Laws by the Governor himself, and should have already resulted in an indictment.
Cox continued, “Cuomo has corrupted JCOPE and bullied the Manhattan DA to avoid charges against him for knowingly allowing state resources to be utilized for personal and political gain. He must be held accountable for these crimes or Cuomo and Percoco by their example will have further corrupted New York government by enabling New York elected officials to use their public offices for personal and political purposes”.
Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Cuomo’s $1 Million Giveaway to Cadillac

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Cuomo’s $1 Million Giveaway to Cadillac

June 12, 2018…
“Cuomo’s million dollar corporate welfare giveaway to Cadillac to renovate their luxury Manhattan office after receiving $31,500 in campaign contributions from their PAC is another brazen example of Cuomo’s corrupt pay-to-play that is costing New Yorkers dearly. Last year Cadillac exceeded its own sales projections and they didn’t need a public handout. Cuomo’s habit, which is the backdrop for indictments and now convictions of his closest associates, of giving state money to his largest contributors makes his Administration the most corrupt in more than a century. Cadillac should do the right thing and return the money of hardworking and overtaxed New Yorkers.”
Cuomo’s J-JOKE Whitewashes Sam Hoyt Allegations

Cuomo’s J-JOKE Whitewashes Sam Hoyt Allegations


“Ethics Committee” Head by Former Cuomo Staff Incapable of Independent Investigation

New York–June 11th… Once again JCOPE has exposed itself for being a subsidiary of Andrew Cuomo incapable of independently investigating wrongdoing and corruption inside the Governor’s office.
JCOPE’s latest failure to root out corruption was a snow job report clearing one of Cuomo’s top aides of abusing the power of his office while having an affair with a woman whom he helped get a state job. Sam Hoyt, who has a history of sexual misconduct was appointed by Cuomo to a top economic development position. Cuomo allowed Hoyt to resign quietly, praising his service when it later came out Hoyt was involved in an affair with a woman he paid hush money to and helped get a state job. Cuomo is also under fire for covering up other cases of sexual harassment and misconduct in his Department of Criminal Justice Services.


JCOPE has also failed to investigate clear violations of law by Cuomo’s top aide Joe Percoco based on evidence resulting from his corruption trial that he was continuing to work inside the Executive Chamber after he resigned. Multiple requests for investigation into the violations have been made with no response.


“JCOPE is bought and paid for by Andrew Cuomo, and we have seen multiple cases of them ignoring rampant corruption to protect the Governor and his allies,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “This whitewashed report by the Governor’s former lawyer cannot be trusted. We need an independent investigatory body to look into serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power inside the Cuomo Administration.”