Once Again, Cuomo Chooses Political Ambitions Over Protecting Women

Once Again, Cuomo Chooses Political Ambitions Over Protecting Women

Cuomo Continues to Stand With Senate Candidate After Damning Revelations She Covered Up Sexual Harassment

New York–April 15th…Confirming an ongoing pattern of choosing his political ambitions over doing what’s right, Governor Cuomo is once again exposed as a hypocrite when it comes to protecting women in the workplace.


He is set to attend a rally today with Assemblywoman and State Senate candidate Shelley Mayer despite a recent damning report that, as chief counsel to Senate Democrats, she ignored and covered up the sexual harassment allegations of two female staffers, callously telling them “not to fixate on what happened” and to “wait until after the election.” Mayer never pursued an investigation and the claims where kept hidden.


Cuomo’s lofty rhetoric purporting to care about women never matches his actions. Here is the truth about Cuomo’s record:
  • Was the last elected official in the nation to return all of serial predator Harvey Weinstein’s money. He dug his heels in on keeping more than $100k and only caved after mounting public pressure.
  • Appointed Sam Hoyt, who was punished as an Assemblyman for sexual misconduct, and then allowed him to depart state service with a glowing review. It was only learned later through investigative reporting Hoyt resigned because of a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. Cuomo’s office was notified of the harassment and ignored the complaint.
  • Cuomo’s Department of Health was notified by a victim of the international sex slave cult NXIVM and ignored the complaint.
  • Cuomo’s Department of Criminal Justice Services was notified of years of abuse by top officials against female staffers and an IG report recommended punishment, yet Cuomo did nothing, and instead, punished the whistleblowers.
  • Cuomo infamously chastised a female reporter for asking what his Administration was doing to address sexual harassment in the workplace by telling her “she was doing a disservice to women.”
  • Cuomo protected his ally former Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver after it was revealed he authorized secret hush fund settlements to the victims of former disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez.


“These revelations disqualify Shelley Mayer for public office; Governor Cuomo should be rescinding his endorsement and condemning her actions, not standing with her,” said NYGOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Voters should be outraged at their coordinated effort to brush these victims’ horrifying experience under the rug. New Yorkers deserve action.”
Democrat State Senate Candidate Shelley Mayer’s Stunning Cover Up of Sexual Harassment Demands Resignation

Democrat State Senate Candidate Shelley Mayer’s Stunning Cover Up of Sexual Harassment Demands Resignation

NYGOP Calls on Governor Cuomo to Take a Stand Against Harassment in the Capital and Rescind Endorsement

Case Comparable to Recently Resigned Congresswoman Elizabeth Etsy

New York–April 13th…The stunning revelations in today’s Daily News that New York Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, the current candidate for the 37th state senate district, ignored and covered up sexual harassment allegations of at least two female staffers demands her immediate resignation. The NYGOP also called on Governor Cuomo to stake a stand and rescind his endorsement of Mayer.

As Chief Counsel to Senate Democrats, two senate staffers came to Shelley Mayer with allegations and proof of repeated sexual harassment. Mayer’s stunning response to them was to “not to fixate on what happened” and “to wait until after the election.” The allegations were then covered up; nothing was done to investigate.

This shocking cover-up is comparable to the recent case of former Congresswoman Elizabeth Etsy who recently resigned for covering up harassment by her Chief of Staff, or the countless other similar cases across America in the political, media, entertainment, and other industries.

“This case of ignoring and covering up sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly like so many we are seeing across the nation,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “It’s unconscionable that these women were not only forced to endure the abuse, but when they went to another woman in power whom they thought they could trust, they were met with stunningly inappropriate responses and no action. These revelations make clear Assemblywoman Mayer does not belong in a position of power. She failed these women and she must resign.”

He continued, “We are also calling on Governor Cuomo to take a stand against sexual harassment in the capital and rescind his endorsement of candidate Mayer. It’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is and show New Yorkers where he really stands on protecting women in the workplace.”
Public Finance Expert Jonathan Trichter Announces Candidacy for State Comptroller

Public Finance Expert Jonathan Trichter Announces Candidacy for State Comptroller

ICYMI: Pledging to fix the state pension system and put an end to taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements for Albany politicians, public finance expert Jonathan Trichter announced his campaign for state comptroller today.

You can view his website or check out his announcement video here

 Trichter Launches Bid For Comptroller

From the Morning Memo:
Campaign operative Jonathan Trichter in an email and video released Monday night formally unveiled his bid for state comptroller, with plans to run on the Republican and Conservative Party lines.
Trichter is a Democrat who has largely worked for Democratic candidates, including Mark Green, Carolyn McCarthy, Eliot Spitzer and Fernando Ferrer. But he also most recently worked with Harry Wilson, a Republican businessman who unsuccessfully ran for comptroller in 2010 against incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli.
Wilson bowed out of running for governor at the start of the year.
He’s received public encouragement to run by state GOP Chairman Ed Cox as well as Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long.
“I had a front-row seat in the private sector to what happens when a government office meant to provide grownup supervision to Albany politicians was itself run by Albany politicians,” Trichter said. “The prior Comptroller was hauled off to prison. The current Comptroller was handpicked to fill the vacancy by disgraced ex-Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver over the objections of every editorial board in the state.”
Trichter would be taking on DiNapoli again, who was first appointed to the post in 2007, replacing the scandal-scarred Alan Hevesi. He was elected to a full term outright in 2010. He defeated Republican Onondaga County Executive Bob Antonacci in 2014.
In his campaign announcement, Trichter indicated he would take a different track than DiNapoli.
“The Comptroller came to office not because he was qualified but because he was everybody’s best friend in Albany,” Trichter said. “It’s no surprise, then, that he has brought to bear the powers of that office to protect the Albany status quo. I don’t have any friends in Albany. I will use the powers of the Comptroller to protect ordinary New Yorkers.”
NY GOP Calls on Assemblywoman Diane Richardson to Resign Over Anti-Semitic Comments

NY GOP Calls on Assemblywoman Diane Richardson to Resign Over Anti-Semitic Comments

Chairman Cox: “If Governor Cuomo is as dedicated to ‘New York Values’ as he says he is, he must also ask for her resignation.”

New York–April 5th…The NYGOP called on Assemblywoman Diane Richardson to resign her seat in the wake of racist, anti-Semitic comments made at a community board meeting this week, and challenged Governor Cuomo to have his actions match his rhetoric and also call for her resignation.
The NY Post reported Assemblywoman Richardson went on a 50-minute rant at a Community Board 17 meeting Wednesday evening blaming “Jews for gentrifying in her district,” referring to Senator Simcha Felder as the “Jewish senator from southern Brooklyn” and invoking race to characterize New York City neighborhoods. She ordered board officials to shut off the meeting’s tape recorder before making her comments. The remarks were so offensive even local Democratic officials in the audience were outraged.
“Assemblywoman Richardson knew exactly what she was doing when she made her hateful, anti-Semitic comments, and someone with those views has no business serving in state government receiving a taxpayer-funded salary,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “Her offensive remarks were made worse by her insulting, conditional ‘apology.’ If Governor Cuomo, who loves to talk so much about ‘New York values,’ means what he says, he must also demand her resignation.”
Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on the Passing of former Saratoga Republican Chairman John “Jasper” Nolan

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on the Passing of former Saratoga Republican Chairman John “Jasper” Nolan

“We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of longtime former Saratoga Republican Chairman Jasper Nolan. While his sharp political instincts helped deliver many election day successes, the results of Jasper’s principled Republican leadership can be felt far beyond any campaign. He will always be remembered for playing a pivotal role in Saratoga’s economic success as a thriving community to live and work. We will miss his giant personality, his sage wisdom, and his unyielding dedication to the Republican Party and his fellow New Yorkers. Our prayers are with the entire Nolan family.”


Please find the details of the arrangements, below:


WAKE: Friday, April 6, 4-7 p.m. at Burke Funeral Home, 628 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs.

FUNERAL MASS: Saturday, 10 a.m. at St. Peter’s Church. 241 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. Burial to follow at St. Peter’s Cemetery, West Ave, across from High School.


Photo courtesy of: Cindy Schultz

Cuomo’s Casinos Crashing

Cuomo’s Casinos Crashing

Another Politically-Motivated Economic Development Scheme Falling Apart as Predicted

New Casino Interests Donated $2 Million to Pro-Cuomo Committee; Now Begging for Cuomo Bailout

New York–March 28th…Governor Cuomo’s ill-fated scheme to place casinos in an oversaturated market is crashing and burning as predicted, making this just the latest in a string of failed economic development disasters designed to bolster Cuomo’s re-election rather than fix Upstate’s economy.
Leading up to his 2014 reelection campaign, Cuomo created sweeping pay-to-play economic development schemes designed to flood his campaign coffers with millions in donations from special interests and generate positive publicity that he was turning Upstate’s economy around. Start-up New York, the Buffalo Billion and legalizing casino gambling were among these initiatives. All three–and more– are failing ,with the Buffalo Billion and a project in Syracuse, leading to federal indictments. Cuomo’s closest aide and “enforcer” was just convicted on felony corruption charges related to the Syracuse project.
As Cuomo was pushing for legalized casino gambling (despite casinos collapsing in nearby New Jersey), his allied group The Committee to Save New York raised $2 million from interested casino developers used to fund television ads praising the Governor. The now-defunct group’s ties to the Governor was the subject of investigation and closed down. Furthermore, for political reasons, the Cuomo-controlled gaming commission delayed its licensing decisions until after the Governor’s election.
All three of the Governor’s chosen casinos are falling far short of revenue projections, and now Del Lago is asking for a state bailout.  In January, Moody’s downgraded their credit rating and warned of potential debt default.
Senator Joe Griffo, a member of the Senate’s Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee, sent a letter today to Cuomo urging against a taxpayer-funded bailout for a private casino corporation. Cuomo had promised no taxpayer dollars would be dedicated to funding the casinos.
“Governor Cuomo’s casino scheme was a $2 million pay-to-play operation destined to fail,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “All the warning signs were there: an oversaturated market and a collapsing industry in New Jersey, but rather than do the hard work of fixing New York’s economy, the Governor opted for flashy reelection headlines and filling his campaign coffers. Now a taxpayer bailout would be unconscionable.”
Cuomo Record on Protecting Women is Atrocious

Cuomo Record on Protecting Women is Atrocious

Hollow Attempts to Become ‘Mr. Me Too’ Fail in the Face of Multiple Incidents Ignoring Reports of Abuse

New York–March 27th…Governor Cuomo has an atrocious record on protecting women, and the latest news that his Administration ignored a complaint from an alleged victim of the Albany-based NXIVM cult whose leader was just indicted on sex trafficking charges, is the latest in a disturbing pattern of mishandling allegations of abuse. NXIVM has been the subject of news reports for several years exposing an extreme cult where women were sexually abused and branded.


The Governor is simultaneously embroiled in a scandal involving his Department of Criminal Justice Services where he not only ignored allegations involving years of abuse and harassment of female employees by a top official, but punished the whistleblowers. The Times Union, who lead investigative reporting on this matter has also done key reporting on the NXIVM abuses. The Governor’s inaction occurred despite the findings of an inspector general investigation recommending action be taken against the three top officials at the agency.


Much like his handling of the Sam Hoyt allegations and attempted cover-up, Cuomo refuses to answer questions about who knew what and when. Mr. Cuomo notoriously told female reporter Karen DeWitt she was doing a “disservice to women” by asking how he would handle misconduct in his administration following that incident.


“Andrew Cuomo can put out all the fluffy press releases he wants, but the truth is his record on protecting women against abuse is atrocious,” said NYGOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “It was bad enough when he protected Shelly Silver who was doling out secret hush fund settlements to victims or when he refused to give away Harvey Weinstein’s money, but now we are learning of a disturbing pattern of him protecting his top officials and turning a blind eye to serious allegations. Every time it’s counted, he’s made the wrong choice. Mr. Cuomo, it is you who is doing a disservice to women.”


Burkan to Spearhead Fundraising Efforts for Congressional Assistance Initiative

New York–March 15th
The NYGOP today announced the appointment of longtime Republican fundraiser and New Yorker Jonathan Burkan as its Congressional Finance Chair who will lead the charge in raising funds to protect the state’s Republican congressional delegation and challenge vulnerable Democrats.


Under Chairman Cox’s leadership, the New York Republican Congressional Delegation has grown from two members to nine. Earlier this year, the committee formed an assistance program called “Hold the Line With Our GOP-9” to provide boots on the ground and other support in the important 2018 election cycle.


Burkan, who has worked in the wealth management business for more than 17 years, and was a member of the RNC National Finance Committee in 2011 and 2012, brings deep fundraising experience and a strong network to this initiative. A fixture in Republican fundraising circles, Jonathan also played a key role in the election of new Republican Senators in 2014, and assisted the NRCC and the NRSC in the hugely successful 2016 cycle that reelected Republican majorities to both houses of Congress.


“We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Jonathan Burkan as our New York Congressional Finance Chair,” said Chairman Cox. “”Midterm elections historically are the most challenging to a party that controls the White House and Congress, but one of the most important things we can do in New York is to provide ground and logistical support that will be a deciding factor in these elections. We have already proven we can out-raise the Democrats at the federal level, but Jonathan’s efforts will help us raise the resources we need to put together a first-class operation.”


“Re-electing the nine members of our Republican congressional delegation is essential to ensuring we keep the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives and stop Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker,” said Jonathan Burkan. “The men and women of our Republican delegation are part of the leadership team that is creating an American economic resurgence, and there is a tremendous energy right now to keep that momentum going. I’m proud to play this important role in making sure they remain in Washington.”


Mr. Burkan has also served on the board of the Harriet Tubman Charter School in the South Bronx, where he was on the Audit Committee and is a current member of the University Club of New York. He has also served as President of his Condo Board.   Jonathan has an MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt University and BA in Government from Skidmore College. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and The Financial Times and as a frequent guest on Fox Business.
Statement from Chairman Cox on the Guilty Verdict of Top Cuomo Aide Joe Percoco

Statement from Chairman Cox on the Guilty Verdict of Top Cuomo Aide Joe Percoco

March 13, 2018 — “Today the jury found Governor Andrew Cuomo’s closest aide, confidante and ‘enforcer’ guilty of multiple corruption charges; however, the information that came out throughout the trial revealed a widespread, corrosive culture of corruption driven by the Governor himself. We learned through evidence and testimony, the Governor, his then counsel and other senior aides apparently committed crimes in allowing Mr. Percoco to illegally utilize state resources for his bribery schemes and the Governor’s political purposes.

“Now that the verdict is in, we renew our call on the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the state’s ethics commission to investigate Mr. Percoco’s violations of state laws with the apparent involvement of Governor Cuomo, his counsel and other senior aides. This is a sad day for our state, but today’s verdict must be just one chapter in an ongoing effort to clean up Cuomo’s rampant pay-to-play and corrupt operations. The billions wasted in these schemes is costing New Yorkers dearly.”

How Many of New York’s Electric Crews Are Still in Puerto Rico, Governor Cuomo?

How Many of New York’s Electric Crews Are Still in Puerto Rico, Governor Cuomo?




Once Again Cuomo is Putting Presidential Ambitions Ahead of New Yorkers


New York–March 6th…As 80,000 New Yorkers are still without electricity following last week’s Nor’easter and with another major storm approaching, the New York GOP demanded Governor Cuomo reveal how many of New York’s electric crews are still in Puerto Rico.


With much fanfare designed to put him in the national spotlight for a 2020 presidential run, Cuomo directed New York resources and personnel to Puerto Rico and announced a “plan to transform Puerto Rico’s electric power grid” following Hurricane Maria.


Earlier today, Cuomo refused to answer how many resources were currently deployed in Puerto Rico, hurting the storm response here in New York. True to form, he is now attempting to distract from his own failures by calling for an investigation into the power companies for their slow response and remaining 80,000 outages.


“Once again, Andrew Cuomo is putting his presidential ambitions above the needs of New Yorkers,” said NYGOP Chariman Ed Cox. “That 80,000 homes here in New York–including those with seniors and children–are still without power while our electric crews have been sent to bolster his national image is unconscionable. New Yorkers have an absolute right to know exactly what resources are in Puerto Rico and Governor Cuomo must answer the question.”


Chairman Cox concluded, “The only investigation that’s needed right now is into Governor Cuomo’s repeated mishandling of state resources for his political gain.”