Statement on Tonight’s Election Results

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Tonight’s Election Results
November 6, 2018
“We always knew that a first-term mid-term for the party in charge of the White House would be an uphill battle, but we could not be more proud of the great slate of Republican candidates who ran hard-fought races and engaged directly with voters across the state. Our party was united behind our slate of statewide, congressional and state legislative candidates who ran on commonsense Republican principles that would jump start New York’s economy, fix our infrastructure and reform government. We suffered some tough losses, but there were bright spots with the reelection of many of our great incumbents and gaining seats in the Assembly.
“We have much work ahead, and we are as committed as ever to our principles and holding our state’s leaders accountable. Tomorrow the fight to save our state continues. “

Liar Tish James Unfit to Serve as Attorney General


Long History of Dishonesty and Misleading Statements Are Disqualifying for the State’s Top Lawyer

New York–November 2nd…Tish James’ documented history of lying and making misleading statements make her unfit to serve as the state’s top law enforcement officer.
NY1 and other news outlets have done extensive exposes revealing Tish James’ habit of making outright dishonest and misleading statements deceiving New Yorkers about her experience, the work of her office, and even her age. NY1 aired a devastating story last evening detailing Ms. James’ dishonesty, including falsely claiming credit for helping homeless Brooklyn girl Dasani Coates and falsely claiming her lawsuit led to the implementation of an ACS monitor when in fact it was thrown out by a judge.
“We have already had two Democratic Attorneys General resign in disgrace,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “New Yorkers can’t have another ambitious career politician like Tish James who ran arm-in-arm with Corrupt Cuomo and has proven to be an inveterate liar as the state’s top law enforcement officer. These qualities are disqualifying for the job, and now more than ever, New York needs a true people’s lawyer to fiercely and independently go after Albany’s corruption. The only person who has the integrity and qualifications to do that is Keith Wofford.”
CNN Must Give Molinaro Equal Time

CNN Must Give Molinaro Equal Time

Dear members of the news media:
Following Governor Cuomo’s multiple appearances and virtual monologue on CNN last week, the NYGOP has formally requested equal time for GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro.
By featuring Andrew Cuomo at least five times in less than three days on the network, including the lengthy appearance on his brother’s show, CNN far exceeded accepted news programming parameters and smacks of nepotism.
Please see our letter to CNN President Jeff Zucker here.
Video: NYGOP Releases New Web Ad “Scary Truth”

Video: NYGOP Releases New Web Ad “Scary Truth”


Murderers, Kidnappers and Sex Offenders Released from Cuomo’s Parole Board, Granted Pardons for Voting Rights

New York–October 2nd…The NYGOP today released a new web entitled “Scary Truth” highlighting Cuomo’s parole board releasing dangerous felons and his new policy granting them pardons so they could vote before his heated Democratic primary last month.
The ad will be aired on digital platforms downstate and comes amid senate hearings examining the Governor’s dangerous policy. Cuomo has granted his first round of conditional pardons to more than 24,000 parolees and 488 are already recidivists, having either committed a new crime or violated their parole, including three who were originally convicted of murder, four of manslaughter and 47 who committed a sex crime. Cuomo’s policy allowed sex offenders to vote in schools in September’s Democratic primary.

“Andrew Cuomo has gone so far to the radical left, he’s opened up prison cells to allow cop killers, child murderers and rapists to go free,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “To add insult to injury, he’s granted them pardons that would give them coveted voting rights while nearly 500 felons have already committed another crime or violated their parole. Governor Cuomo is not only making us less safe, but it’s an outrageous slap in the face that he cares more about felons than law-abiding taxpayers.”

Video: Cuomo Does 180 on Niagara Falls

Video: Cuomo Does 180 on Niagara Falls


Already Showed True Colors When he Callously Laughed at Their Financial Struggle, Suggested They Pay Him

New York–September 27th…During a stop to Buffalo yesterday, Governor Cuomo did a 180 degree reversal of his position about helping the people of Niagara Falls as a result of his casino screw up that is costing the community millions. Less than six weeks before the election, Cuomo suddenly changed his tune and announced the state would give a $12.3 million cash infusion to the struggling municipality.

Just a year ago, the Governor received bipartisan rebuke and was the subject of a stinging editorial in the Niagara Gazette for his callous reaction when asked by local news outlet WGRZ if the state could, or should help with financial aid as a result of the casino aid dispute. At the time Cuomo said, “It’s not a fair request. They had the upside…they got paid when the state got paid. But why would I ever guarantee their loss? You know, maybe they want to make up the shortfall to me,” laughed the Governor.
“Governor Cuomo showed his true colors about what he thinks about the people of Niagara Falls and they won’t be fooled by an attempted election-year buyoff,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “The Governor’s corruption and mismanagement has touched every corner of this state from Niagara Falls to Long Island. No amount of money from now until Election Day can hide those facts.”
Chairman Cox noted there are many Upstate cities facing financial plight, but it’s unclear where the $12.3 million is coming from in the state budget, or under what authorization.
Statement from Chairman Ed Cox on the Sentencing of Top Cuomo Advisor Joe Percoco

Statement from Chairman Ed Cox on the Sentencing of Top Cuomo Advisor Joe Percoco

Statement on the Sentencing of Governor Cuomo’s Top Advisor Joe Percoco

September 20, 2018


“Today, Andrew Cuomo’s right-hand man, enforcer and ‘brother’ Joe Percoco is headed to a lengthy prison stay for a massive corruption scheme orchestrated inside the Governor’s office on one of his signature projects. New Yorkers do not yet have justice, though. The trial of Cuomo’s closest aides revealed a corrupt, power-hungry operation with Cuomo at the core. It also exposed other violations of state law by Cuomo and Percoco that are currently going unprosecuted.


“The only way to restore public trust is for Cuomo himself to be held accountable for his corrupt, pay-to-play government that has stolen billions from the pockets of hardworking New Yorkers. Cuomo appears to be above the law, but voters have the power to hold him accountable.”
Cuomo-Controlled JCOPE is a Corrupt, Political Arm of the Governor’s Office

Cuomo-Controlled JCOPE is a Corrupt, Political Arm of the Governor’s Office


So-Called Ethics Watchdog Breaking its Own Laws to Protect Cuomo’s Crimes

New York–September 19th…JCOPE is a corrupt, political arm of Andrew Cuomo that is  breaking state law by burying the Cuomo Administration’s clear violations of the Public Officers Law of abusing state resources for political purposes, the NYGOP today charged.


Andrew Cuomo and Joe Percoco’s crimes are going unprosecuted because JCOPE, state’s so-called ethics investigation body, has failed to properly investigate and prosecute the alleged crimes brought to their attention through formal complaints. JCOPE’s Executive Director is Cuomo’s former counsel and nearly half of the board’s commissioners are appointed by the Governor.


The NYGOP was recently forced to file an Article 78 lawsuit against JCOPE after months of silence for failure to comply with rules on investigations. The law dictates they are required to vote on whether to conduct a probe within 60 days of receiving a sworn complaint.


Now, a new Times Union report revealed that neither the Cuomo’s Administration nor the Cuomo campaign have received the required contact from JCOPE. When a sworn complaint is filed with JCOPE, the law explicitly requires the agency to send any subject of such an ethics complaint a letter outlining possible legal violations, and giving them 15 days to respond.
“There is no longer any doubt that JCOPE is a corrupt, political arm of Andrew Cuomo complicit in covering up his crimes,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “Cuomo shut down the Moreland Commission that he couldn’t control when it began investigating him, and JCOPE was his designed replacement. We are in a stunning state of peril when the Governor, his aides, and the state’s so-called ethics body can openly break laws that go unpunished. There needs to be accountability—now.”


The NYGOP filed a formal complaint with JCOPE in February following hard evidence that came out of the corruption trial of Cuomo’s associates and investigative reporting by the Times Union that proved Cuomo’s campaign was, in part, being conducted out of the New York City Executive Chamber offices at 633 Third Avenue with calls being made to Cuomo’s fundraisers, campaign consultants and election lawyers. Cuomo himself was in the office, just steps from Joe Percoco on many of the occasions, including during the same timeframe Percoco illegally ordered the state’s economic development agency to rescind project labor agreements for the Governor’s donors who were awarded the corrupt  project.
JCOPE offered no credible explanation for the failure to act under the state law that governs its operations. The NYGOP also noted, former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has publicly commented that his Buffalo Billion investigation that led to the sweeping convictions of Cuomo’s associated was initiated based on information revealed through reporting done by Jim Heaney of the Investigative Post.
Statement on Democratic Attorney General Primary Results

Statement on Democratic Attorney General Primary Results

Statement on Democratic Attorney General Primary Results

September 13, 2018


“New York has become the most corrupt state in the nation under the blind, complicit eyes of Democratic Attorney Generals like Eliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schneiderman. Yet, once again, Democrats selected an establishment politician incapable of independence and who will continue the shameful tradition of politicizing the Office of Attorney General. Keith Wofford is a political outsider who will be the people’s lawyer and clean up the corruption that has permeated Albany.”
Statement on Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Results

Statement on Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Results

Statement on the Gubernatorial Democratic Primary Results

September 13, 2018

“Even $25 million can’t buy Andrew Cuomo love from his own party. Tonight, a third of the Democratic Party–the heart and soul of its base–rejected Cuomo and his corruption. This campaign exposed Cuomo for his true self–deceitful, dirty and willing to risk all, including the public’s safety for his own political power. Thankfully, New Yorkers will have a chance to elect a governor whom they can trust in Marc Molinaro whose experience, temperament, and policies will clean up Cuomo’s corruption, lower taxes and create good-paying jobs.  Cynthia Nixon took a large bite out of Cuomo, but his problems are just beginning.”
Cuomo Must Return Dirty Money

Cuomo Must Return Dirty Money


NYGOP Joins Calls for Him to Return Tainted Crystal Run Donations & Cease Further Payments to the Company

New York–September 4, 2018….The NYGOP today joined the call for Governor Cuomo to return the $400,000 in tainted campaign donations he received from Crystal Run Healthcare in exchange for a $25 million state grant they didn’t need and to cease further payments to the company.


The donations made to Cuomo and subsequent state grant they were awarded for two new offices they were already building are now the subject of a federal pay-to-play investigation. New reporting by the Albany Times Union revealed Crystal Run purchased expensive artwork, sound systems and floral arrangements, and the state has already reimbursed them six million dollars, including more than one million worth of office furniture. Crystal Run is one of the fastest growing private health companies, and seemingly well-off following their 2013 sale and lease-back netting $141 million.


“This deal stunk to high heaven the minute we learned of it, but the more we find out the worse it gets,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “This is corporate welfare on crack. It’s outrageous that Cuomo would give away millions of taxpayer’s hard-earned money just to fill his campaign account. He should return the $400,000 and be indicted as both a matter of law and public opinion.”