Statement from NYGOP Chairman Langworthy on Cuomo’s Dishonest, Delusional Rant Against President Trump

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy on
Governor Cuomo’s Dishonest, Delusional Rant against
President Trump for His Own Mismanagement of NYS

September 8, 2020 … “Andrew Cuomo is a dishonest, incompetent governor, who, as the leader of this state, is the one responsible for New York’s economic and public safety crisis. New York has not been competitive in a single day of a single year of his decade-long tenure. Every other state in the nation was doing better than New York pre-pandemic, and instead of using the virus as a wake up call to reform New York’s worst-in-the-nation tax and regulatory climate, he holds dishonest, delusional rants against the President who went above and beyond to give New York everything he asked for.
“Here are the indisputable facts about New York pre-covid: we had a $7 billion dollar deficit, the highest taxes, worst economic outlook, most onerous regulations, least-business friendly climate, and the most outmigration of any state in the nation.
“Here are the indisputable facts about New York post-covid: Cuomo was the only governor in the country who prohibited nursing homes from testing for covid, he forced nursing homes to take covid-positive patients, he fought de Blasio’s move to shut down New York City, and New York has more deaths than California, Texas and Florida combined.
“We are losing a record number of residents daily due to the state’s economic and public safety nightmare. Cuomo and his Democrat Party eliminated bail, putting thousands of dangerous career criminals back on our streets and made it harder for police and prosecutors to enforce the law.
“Mr. “the buck stops with me” has never accepted responsibility for anything a day in his life. New Yorkers must be smart enough to see through his loud, dishonest rants and look at his actions that have destroyed our state.”

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