NYGOP Chairman Langworthy: Corrupt, Failed Cuomo Perfect Choice to Kick off DNC Convention


The same policies that created an economic and public safety disaster in New York will be taken nationwide

New York–August 17th…New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy today called corrupt, failed Governor Cuomo the perfect choice to kick off Democrats’ convention this week and offered some of the trademarks of his administration to help incorporate into his speech tonight.
Here are some highlights of Governor Cuomo’s tenure that will serve as a national model for the failed Democrat agenda:
  • Corruption: Several members of Governor Cuomo’s inner circle–including his “brother” Joe Percoco– are serving prison sentences for his massive bid-rigging scheme called the Buffalo Billion. He also shuttered the Moreland Commission when it began investigating him and has been under multiple federal investigations for his hiring practices and his pay-to-play fundraising.
  • Coronavirus: New York has the distinction of having the most deaths–more than Texas, California and Florida combined. (our population 19 million versus theirs a combined 90 million). New York was the only state in the nation that prohibited nursing homes from testing and one of a handful that forced them to take covid-positive patients.
  • New York’s economy is in shambles: prior to coronavirus we had at least a $7 billion deficit, we have the worst economic outlook in the nation, the highest taxes and the least-friendly business climate.
  • Our residents are fleeing. New York had the worst outmigration of any state in the nation–more than 1 million residents left under Cuomo’s tenure–and the mass exodus has accelerated with coronavirus and the collapse of public safety.
  • Speaking of public safety–Cuomo has destroyed it. He has allowed dangerous criminals back on the street thanks to his elimination of bail and his radical parole board that is freeing cop-killers and murderers. Rioters, looters are dangerous criminals are given free rein, while police and small businesses are under attack.
  • He has given free college and drivers licenses to illegal immigrants while infringing upon the 2nd Amendment and taking away the rights of taxpaying citizens.
  • He is the least transparent governor in New York’s history, routinely dismissing the rule of law and governing like a dictator through intimidation, secrecy and by fiat.
“Governor Cuomo is the perfect person to kick off the Democrat National Convention,” said NYGOP Chairman Langworthy. “His record of failure, economic depression, corruption and lawlessness is exactly what you’d get with a Biden Administration. The same policies that created a public safety and economic disaster in New York will be taken nationwide. These radical policies have already destroyed our state–we can’t let them destroy our country, too.”

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