Statement from NYGOP Chairman Langworthy calling on Senator Biaggi to apologize for offensive comment

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy Calling on Senator Biaggi
to Apologize for her Disrespectful Comments Toward Rural America

September 30, 2019… Chairman Langworthy issued the following response to Senator Biaggi’s tweets on rural Americans who voted for President Trump.
“The elitist and dismissive comments made by Senator Biaggi toward rural Americans–millions of whom are residents of the state she is supposed to represent–are sadly representative of today’s entire Democratic Party. The sentiment that anyone who does not subscribe to an urban, leftist agenda doesn’t deserve a voice is eerily reminiscent of Cuomo’s ‘conservatives have no place in New York’ comment. I invite Senator Biaggi to leave the Bronx and come Upstate so she can see how many good, hardworking New Yorkers are struggling under her narrow world view. She owes them an apology.”