Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on JCOPE’s Appeal of Article 78 Ruling

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Cox on JCOPE Filing Appeal to Block Vote on Cuomo Corruption

January 25, 2019… “JCOPE’s 11th hour appeal is a last-ditch attempt to block the judge’s ruling on our Article 78 lawsuit requiring them to adhere to their governing laws and take a vote on whether to investigate the clear crimes committed by Governor Cuomo and his closest confidante and campaign manager Joe Percoco. Every day that passes, JCOPE is proving itself to be brazenly beholden creature of the Governor, not dedicated to protecting the people of New York.

“We will seek to block the automatic stay triggered by the appeal, and request an expedited process. JCOPE’s stall tactics, refusal to follow the law and blatant disregard of evidence, all in an attempt to protect the Governor, sends another chilling message that he is above the law.”