Langworthy blasts Cuomo’s appointment of Democrat Party boss to campaign finance commission

Langworthy Blasts Cuomo Appointment of Democrat Party Boss to Taxpayer-Funded Elections Commission

Beware taxpayers: Corrupt Cuomo is once again corrupting a

so-called “anti-corruption” tool

Albany, NY–July 8th….New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy today blasted Governor Cuomo for appointing his handpicked state Democrat Party boss Jay Jacobs to the commission charged with dictating the rules for the newly-adopted campaign public financing system, calling this another attempt to legalize rigged elections in the name of reform.
Langworthy noted the announcement was made in a typical holiday unwanted news dump as New Yorkers were checking out for the Fourth of July holiday in an attempt to distract voters from the obvious conflict of interest.
Cuomo has a long history of abusing so-called anti-corruption tools, starting with his shuttering of the Moreland Commission when it began investigating him and the establishment of JCOPE, which he has controlled to protect himself and his allies from corruption investigations while using it to go after political enemies. Langworthy blasted Jacobs’ appointment for handing Cuomo another tool to abuse his power at taxpayer expense.
“Everything Andrew Cuomo touches becomes corrupted and now he wants to use his handpicked hired gun to dictate how taxpayers are forced to fund elections,” said NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy. “This is an egregious conflict of interest that is another attempt to legalize rigged elections and elect Democrats, not root out corruption. The best way to rid New York of corruption in politics is to rid New York of Andrew Cuomo.”