Cuomo, Vance in Tangled Web of Corruption


Silence on Handling of Epstein Case Deafening;

Will he Call for Resignation?

New York–July 11th…It’s been several days since we learned Manhattan DA Cy Vance gave preferential treatment to serial abuser Jeffrey Epstein, yet Governor Cuomo has remained conspicuously silent.
The recent history between the two Democrats is a complicated one. The federal corruption trials of top Cuomo aide Joe Percoco revealed overwhelming evidence that state crimes were committed inside the Governor’s New York City office, over which Vance has purview. The NYGOP filed formal complaintswith the Manhattan DA’s office outlining the clear evidence and violations, but none of the claims were investigated.
Around the same time Vance was being urged to investigate Cuomo, the Governor announced he was calling on the Attorney General to investigate Vance for his poor handling of another case involving serial abuser Harvey Weinstein that came on the same day as Nixon announced her primary challenge. Cuomo himself was being sued at the time over its handling of sexual harassment allegations against a former aide.
It was later revealed Cuomo stalled on filing the appropriate paperwork to mandate the investigation and then ordered it be suspended just days after receiving a $25,000 contribution from Weinstein’s former lawyer. Cuomo was also the last elected official in the country to return tens of thousands in donations from Weinstein.
“Cy Vance covered up Cuomo’s crimes and now he’s repaying the favor by refusing to criticize him,” said Chairman Langworthy. “Their tangled web of corruption has left a stain on the rule of law and our state. They should both be kicked out of office.”