Democrat State Senate Candidate Shelley Mayer’s Stunning Cover Up of Sexual Harassment Demands Resignation

NYGOP Calls on Governor Cuomo to Take a Stand Against Harassment in the Capital and Rescind Endorsement

Case Comparable to Recently Resigned Congresswoman Elizabeth Etsy

New York–April 13th…The stunning revelations in today’s Daily News that New York Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, the current candidate for the 37th state senate district, ignored and covered up sexual harassment allegations of at least two female staffers demands her immediate resignation. The NYGOP also called on Governor Cuomo to stake a stand and rescind his endorsement of Mayer.

As Chief Counsel to Senate Democrats, two senate staffers came to Shelley Mayer with allegations and proof of repeated sexual harassment. Mayer’s stunning response to them was to “not to fixate on what happened” and “to wait until after the election.” The allegations were then covered up; nothing was done to investigate.

This shocking cover-up is comparable to the recent case of former Congresswoman Elizabeth Etsy who recently resigned for covering up harassment by her Chief of Staff, or the countless other similar cases across America in the political, media, entertainment, and other industries.

“This case of ignoring and covering up sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly like so many we are seeing across the nation,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “It’s unconscionable that these women were not only forced to endure the abuse, but when they went to another woman in power whom they thought they could trust, they were met with stunningly inappropriate responses and no action. These revelations make clear Assemblywoman Mayer does not belong in a position of power. She failed these women and she must resign.”

He continued, “We are also calling on Governor Cuomo to take a stand against sexual harassment in the capital and rescind his endorsement of candidate Mayer. It’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is and show New Yorkers where he really stands on protecting women in the workplace.”

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