Once Again, Cuomo Chooses Political Ambitions Over Protecting Women

Cuomo Continues to Stand With Senate Candidate After Damning Revelations She Covered Up Sexual Harassment

New York–April 15th…Confirming an ongoing pattern of choosing his political ambitions over doing what’s right, Governor Cuomo is once again exposed as a hypocrite when it comes to protecting women in the workplace.


He is set to attend a rally today with Assemblywoman and State Senate candidate Shelley Mayer despite a recent damning report that, as chief counsel to Senate Democrats, she ignored and covered up the sexual harassment allegations of two female staffers, callously telling them “not to fixate on what happened” and to “wait until after the election.” Mayer never pursued an investigation and the claims where kept hidden.


Cuomo’s lofty rhetoric purporting to care about women never matches his actions. Here is the truth about Cuomo’s record:
  • Was the last elected official in the nation to return all of serial predator Harvey Weinstein’s money. He dug his heels in on keeping more than $100k and only caved after mounting public pressure.
  • Appointed Sam Hoyt, who was punished as an Assemblyman for sexual misconduct, and then allowed him to depart state service with a glowing review. It was only learned later through investigative reporting Hoyt resigned because of a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. Cuomo’s office was notified of the harassment and ignored the complaint.
  • Cuomo’s Department of Health was notified by a victim of the international sex slave cult NXIVM and ignored the complaint.
  • Cuomo’s Department of Criminal Justice Services was notified of years of abuse by top officials against female staffers and an IG report recommended punishment, yet Cuomo did nothing, and instead, punished the whistleblowers.
  • Cuomo infamously chastised a female reporter for asking what his Administration was doing to address sexual harassment in the workplace by telling her “she was doing a disservice to women.”
  • Cuomo protected his ally former Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver after it was revealed he authorized secret hush fund settlements to the victims of former disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez.


“These revelations disqualify Shelley Mayer for public office; Governor Cuomo should be rescinding his endorsement and condemning her actions, not standing with her,” said NYGOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Voters should be outraged at their coordinated effort to brush these victims’ horrifying experience under the rug. New Yorkers deserve action.”

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