Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy on the Ongoing Actions of JCOPE Concerning Cuomo’s Corruption

Statement from New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy on the Ongoing actions of JCOPE related to Cuomo’s corruption

November 19, 2019…“What we have witnessed from JCOPE since its inception is a pattern of politically-motivated and illegal actions designed to designed to do the bidding of one man: Governor Andrew Cuomo. We were forced to drag them to court (successfully) for breaking their own laws in an attempt to cover up his crimes, and we still don’t fully understand the depths to which forces colluded to protect him.
“It is a truly unconscionable state of affairs that there isn’t a single so-called investigative body in this state  that has put the law and the interests of the people ahead of their cozy relationship with the Governor. The only way to restore credibility and the rule of law in New York State is to run a bulldozer through Cuomo’s insidious web of corruption that has permeated this state.”