Statement from NYGOP Chairman Langworthy on the Public Finance Commission Report

Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy on the

Public Finance Commission Report

December 1, 2019… “Only in Cuomo’s New York could you force taxpayers to start footing the bill for political campaigns while restricting their democratic rights and call that reform. If there was any shred of hope that this sham commission would actually do something to benefit the people of New York, it was just obliterated with their bogus report. As I said from day one, this entire debacle was simply Cuomo and the Democrats’ attempt to legally rig elections and protect their power. They orchestrated a scheme to defraud the people of New York State millions of their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for politicians’ robocalls and negative ads. Under totalitarian Democrat control, New York has become a vortex of dangerously misguided, nefarious priorities that are destroying the state. Lawmakers should return to Albany and strike down this outrageous, expensive power grab.”