Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Cuomo’s Lies and Unlawful War on the Second Amendment

April 30, 2019… “Andrew Cuomo has been waging a tyrannical war on the Second Amendment since his passage of the unconstitutional SAFE Act, continuing with his unlawful threats against insurance companies who do business with the NRA, and now using his handpicked Attorney General to wage a politically-motivated investigation.
“President Trump was absolutely correct in his assessment. Cuomo’s ridiculous claim on national television this morning that “we [the royal we] don’t do things for politics in New York State” is perhaps the most brazen laugh-out-loud lie of his entire Administration.
“The indisputable truth is that everything Andrew ‘I am the government’Cuomo does is for his political power with no respect for the rule of law. He will stop at nothing in his quest to eradicate the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”