Senator Gillibrand Happily Spending Weekends in Swampy DC

Senator Gillibrand Happily Spending Weekends in Swampy DC

How Can She be in Touch With New Yorkers When She Spends All Her Time With Washington Elites?

New York, NY–May 1st…While Senator Gillibrand was “spotted” this weekend taking the new “it” spin class among Washington D.C. elites, U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley was in New York traveling around the state talking to voters about the opioid epidemic.

While the senior U.S. Senator from New York Chuck Schumer spends a lot of time at home and traveling around the state, Gillibrand is rarely seen where her constituents actually live, begging the question: how can she possibly be in touch with New Yorkers when she spends all her time with Washington elites?

“It’s clear that Kirsten Gillibrand feels much more comfortable hobnobbing in the swamp of Washington D.C. than she does spending time in New York with her actual constituents,” said NYGOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “She’s more concerned with positioning herself for a presidential run than solving the problems faced by regular people. She’s an absentee and ineffective senator.”


Gillibrand at Washington D.C. “it” spin class


Chele Farley spending time with actual New Yorkers