New Yorkers Chip In for One-Way Ticket to Canada for Cuomo

New Yorkers Chip In for One-Way Ticket to Canada for Cuomo


Corrupt Governor Who Doesn’t Believe America ‘Was Ever That Great’ Can Take a Hike

New York, Aug. 16…New Yorkers furious at Governor Andrew Cuomo for telling an audience Thursday that America “was never that great” have chipped in $55 for a one-way bus ticket from Albany to Canada, the New York Republican State Committee today announced. (The actual ticket, dated for Friday, is above.)


“Love it or leave it; that’s your choice, Mr. Cuomo,” said New York GOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud.  “If you don’t think America was ever great-if you don’t appreciate the extraordinary gifts your own family got from her-then there’s a bus ticket to Canada waiting for you. But if you truly believe in America, stay here and apologize to New York school children and their parents, and all Americans, for advancing the ‘hate America’ narrative being pushed by the radical left of the Democratic Party.”


New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro called on Cuomo to apologize for his remarks on Wednesday, but Mr. Cuomo has refused to do so. “Andrew Cuomo will do or say anything if he thinks it will help position himself for the presidency in 2020,” Ms. Proud continued. “What’s truly disturbing is that this governor thought that America bashing would render him applause instead of almost universal disgust. After eight years of corruption, high taxes, and crazy statements like this one, New Yorkers ready to give this Cuomo a political retirement in November.”