Under Cuomo, State Government is For Sale

Governor Cuomo Breaks Law to Raise More than $2 Million from Appointees, Family


New York–February 26th…An investigative expose published by The New York Times over the weekend has revealed, once again, Governor Cuomo has broken the law and made state government for sale by soliciting and accepting more than $2 million in donations from government appointees.


According to the Times’ investigation of state records, the Governor received $890,000 from two dozen of his appointees, ¬†some within days of receiving their appointment. The governor also has accepted $1.3 million from the spouses, children and businesses of appointees. One appointee and his wife donated 11 times while he was serving and another has given Mr. Cuomo, personally and through companies tied to him, more than $500,000.


The binding law was initiated through Executive Order in 2007, under then Governor Spitzer, and was renewed by Governor Cuomo on his first day in office. The law states that no member of a public authority appointed by the governor can donate or solicit donations. Mr. Spitzer, the law’s original author, confirmed to the New York Times the executive order applied to all gubernatorial appointees.


“This is sadly another example of Andrew Cuomo’s stunning willingness to break the law in pursuit of his political power,” said Chairman Cox. “He has governed as a corrupt dictator, making state government for sale in exchange for millions in campaign contributions, while residents are fleeing the state under the highest taxes and poor economy.”


The Governor is notorious for his pay-to-play culture. Over the past five weeks, the federal trial of Cuomo’s top aide Joe Percoco has put a spotlight on the Governor’s operation where lucrative state contracts were awarded in exchange for hefty donations to the Governor’s campaign coffers. Overall, the Governor has raised millions from individuals and businesses that have received billions in state contracts and special tax breaks. This latest revelation is a clear and direct violation of the law.


Chairman Cox concluded, “The Governor’s obsession with power is finally doing him in. The rampant culture of corruption he created is destroying our state and he must be held accountable.”

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