Cox, Ortt, Barclay Condemn Radical Gender Ideology in Schools

Cox, Ortt, Barclay Condemn Radical Gender Ideology in Schools
Department of Education Recommends Ceasing Usage of “Boys” and “Girls”


“There are parents actively fighting against what we are doing. We cannot be complacent. We have to fight this in every sphere we have influence in.”

– Regent Shino Tanikawa

“We need to double down on our DEI initiatives. I can’t emphasize enough how much we really need to pursue DEI in every aspect.”

– Regent Roger Tilles

ALBANY – The state Department of Education is “doubling down” on forcing radical gender ideology on New York’s public school students, according to a recent report in the Times Union.

As quoted above, members of the Board of Regents have no regard for the rights of parents to have a say in their children’s education, and instead see themselves as locked in an ideological fight with parents.

NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement in response:

“New York spends more money per public school student on education than any other state, but our results are a disgrace: just 28% of 4th and 8th graders are proficient in math. 30% of 4th graders and 32% of 8th graders are proficient in reading.

“Remote learning during the pandemic, itself prolonged far too long by the teachers’ union, laid bare for parents the poor quality of public-school education. Rather than focusing on teaching students the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving economy, New York’s education establishment is prioritizing radical gender ideology and gratuitously sexual content for young New Yorkers.

“The failure to teach basic skills will only hasten the decline in public school enrollment and exodus of families to jurisdictions that place education over ideology.”

Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt stated:

“New York continues to spend more per student on education than any other state without the results to show for it. Instead of pushing a far-left political agenda and undermining parents’ rights, perhaps the Board of Regents should focus on ensuring our students get the education they need to go out into the world and succeed.”

Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay stated:

“Recent guidance from the State Education Department recommends schools stop referring to students as ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. The woke agenda gets more ridiculous by the day. The State Education Department and hand-picked Democrats on the Board of Regents should pay more attention to improving standards, achievement and performance in the classroom and less time dragging school kids into their extreme liberalism.”



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