Cuomo Record on Protecting Women is Atrocious

Hollow Attempts to Become ‘Mr. Me Too’ Fail in the Face of Multiple Incidents Ignoring Reports of Abuse

New York–March 27th…Governor Cuomo has an atrocious record on protecting women, and the latest news that his Administration ignored a complaint from an alleged victim of the Albany-based NXIVM cult whose leader was just indicted on sex trafficking charges, is the latest in a disturbing pattern of mishandling allegations of abuse. NXIVM has been the subject of news reports for several years exposing an extreme cult where women were sexually abused and branded.


The Governor is simultaneously embroiled in a scandal involving his Department of Criminal Justice Services where he not only ignored allegations involving years of abuse and harassment of female employees by a top official, but punished the whistleblowers. The Times Union, who lead investigative reporting on this matter has also done key reporting on the NXIVM abuses. The Governor’s inaction occurred despite the findings of an inspector general investigation recommending action be taken against the three top officials at the agency.


Much like his handling of the Sam Hoyt allegations and attempted cover-up, Cuomo refuses to answer questions about who knew what and when. Mr. Cuomo notoriously told female reporter Karen DeWitt she was doing a “disservice to women” by asking how he would handle misconduct in his administration following that incident.


“Andrew Cuomo can put out all the fluffy press releases he wants, but the truth is his record on protecting women against abuse is atrocious,” said NYGOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “It was bad enough when he protected Shelly Silver who was doling out secret hush fund settlements to victims or when he refused to give away Harvey Weinstein’s money, but now we are learning of a disturbing pattern of him protecting his top officials and turning a blind eye to serious allegations. Every time it’s counted, he’s made the wrong choice. Mr. Cuomo, it is you who is doing a disservice to women.”

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