NYGOP Releases New Web Ad on Cuomo Corruption Trial: Guilty



New York–February 5th…The New York Republican State Committee today released a new web ad along with a statewide digital advertising campaign on the ongoing federal corruption trial against Governor Cuomo’s top aide and self-described “brother” Joe Percoco.


The federal trial revealed last week that while Mr. Percoco had resigned his government position to work on the Governor’s re-election campaign, he was still regularly working in the Governor’s official Executive Chamber office on official matters. Records also show the Governor was present in the office that is only steps from where Mr. Percoco was located, making it clear he was not only aware of his activities, but possibly sanctioned them.


“What we have learned so far in this trial is that the Governor is unequivocally responsible for the environment that allowed his closest aide and confidante to engage in these massive bribery and kickback schemes,” said Chairman Cox. “While the Governor himself was operating a pay-to-play government to line his campaign coffers, his top aide followed his boss’ model to line his own pockets, both costing taxpayers billions. We are learning more disturbing details every day, but the verdict on Andrew Cuomo’s governorship is already in: he is guilty of creating a culture of corruption driven by power and greed.”


The ad, which can be viewed here, is the first of an ongoing campaign that will run on digital platforms statewide.


The full script is below:


Andrew Cuomo promised to clean up Albany.


Instead, he became the most corrupt Governor in 100 years.


Pay to play contracts and favors for his wealthy donors.


His closest aide is now on federal trial for selling his office in exchange for bribes and kickbacks.


But the verdict on Andrew Cuomo’s culture of corruption is already in: Guilty.