Liar Tish James Unfit to Serve as Attorney General


Long History of Dishonesty and Misleading Statements Are Disqualifying for the State’s Top Lawyer

New York–November 2nd…Tish James’ documented history of lying and making misleading statements make her unfit to serve as the state’s top law enforcement officer.
NY1 and other news outlets have done extensive exposes revealing Tish James’ habit of making outright dishonest and misleading statements deceiving New Yorkers about her experience, the work of her office, and even her age. NY1 aired a devastating story last evening detailing Ms. James’ dishonesty, including falsely claiming credit for helping homeless Brooklyn girl Dasani Coates and falsely claiming her lawsuit led to the implementation of an ACS monitor when in fact it was thrown out by a judge.
“We have already had two Democratic Attorneys General resign in disgrace,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “New Yorkers can’t have another ambitious career politician like Tish James who ran arm-in-arm with Corrupt Cuomo and has proven to be an inveterate liar as the state’s top law enforcement officer. These qualities are disqualifying for the job, and now more than ever, New York needs a true people’s lawyer to fiercely and independently go after Albany’s corruption. The only person who has the integrity and qualifications to do that is Keith Wofford.”