Cuomo Corruption Trial Begins: This case is about old-fashioned corruption

It’s Day 3 of the #CuomoCorruptionTrial and opening arguments took place yesterday. Here’s what we know:
There is no dispute from either side that Joe Percoco, who Governor Cuomo referred to as a “brother,” was the Governor’s right-hand man.
“Getting a call from Percoco was like getting a call from the Governor himself.”
“Wherever the governor went, Percoco went.”
The record is clear: Joe Percoco and Andrew Cuomo are inextricably linked.
What’s also clear is the prosecution plans to make a compelling case how the other defendants, CPV energy executives and COR Development, “felt they needed Percoco because they had business before the state, and Percoco had the authority and ability to influence those decisions.”
Why? Because under Andrew Cuomo, the modus operandi is you need to pay to play.
There are countless examples of the Governor receiving millions in campaign donations from people who have received billions in government contracts, tax credits and other business before the state. In this case, the Cuomo official lined his own pockets instead of the Governor’s campaign account.
Either way, New York taxpayers are on the hook, essentially paying a corruption tax for all of these insider deals that have wasted billions in government funds that could have been used to fix our mass transit, repair our aging Upstate infrastructure or even–gasp–cut taxes!
That is the culture of corruption created by Governor Cuomo.
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Chart of bribery schemes released with prosecutor’s charges.
Source: Courthouse News