Criminals Launch “Cuomo for President” Draft


Fentanyl Dealer Responsible for Overdose Death Thanks Governor Cuomo for Cashless Bail

New York–November 15th…Dangerous criminals are literally starting to thank Governor Cuomo and urge him to run for President after being let back out on the streets following their arrest, thanks to his new cashless bail policy.
This terrifying new policy passed this year by Cuomo and state Democrats just allowed the release of a known heroin dealer who brags about his fentanyl-laced drugs and called overdoses “good for business.” He was being held without bail while facing up to 96 years in prison for his crimes. Prosecutors in the case pleaded to keep him behind bars, but thanks to this policy, he is now back on the streets for the duration of his trial.
Upon being released from police custody without paying a penny in bail, he shouted “Cuomo for President.”
“We are facing a public safety crisis and this outrageous case is only the beginning of what we are going to witness come January 1st,” fumed NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy. “It isn’t strong enough to call this liberal insanity–it’s downright unconscionable. Criminals are fully aware of the gift they were given by Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled legislature, and we are going to make sure voters are too.”