Cuomo’s J-JOKE Whitewashes Sam Hoyt Allegations

Cuomo’s J-JOKE Whitewashes Sam Hoyt Allegations


“Ethics Committee” Head by Former Cuomo Staff Incapable of Independent Investigation

New York–June 11th… Once again JCOPE has exposed itself for being a subsidiary of Andrew Cuomo incapable of independently investigating wrongdoing and corruption inside the Governor’s office.
JCOPE’s latest failure to root out corruption was a snow job report clearing one of Cuomo’s top aides of abusing the power of his office while having an affair with a woman whom he helped get a state job. Sam Hoyt, who has a history of sexual misconduct was appointed by Cuomo to a top economic development position. Cuomo allowed Hoyt to resign quietly, praising his service when it later came out Hoyt was involved in an affair with a woman he paid hush money to and helped get a state job. Cuomo is also under fire for covering up other cases of sexual harassment and misconduct in his Department of Criminal Justice Services.


JCOPE has also failed to investigate clear violations of law by Cuomo’s top aide Joe Percoco based on evidence resulting from his corruption trial that he was continuing to work inside the Executive Chamber after he resigned. Multiple requests for investigation into the violations have been made with no response.


“JCOPE is bought and paid for by Andrew Cuomo, and we have seen multiple cases of them ignoring rampant corruption to protect the Governor and his allies,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “This whitewashed report by the Governor’s former lawyer cannot be trusted. We need an independent investigatory body to look into serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power inside the Cuomo Administration.”