Julie Killian

Mother of Five

Julie Killian is a mother of five who has been active in her community for over 25 years as a volunteer for local arts, historical, library and school organizations. Like other parents, Julie has watched our state get rocked by scandal after scandal and has seen decades of promises by career politicians in Albany unfulfilled. A Rye City resident, her love of community is deeply rooted in her life as a mom, volunteer and elected official. Julie is now running for Lieutenant Governor where she believes she can do the most good and have the most impact. She believes we deserve better and she will demand better!

Finance Expert

Julie Killian has a strong professional and academic background with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. While earning her MBA in Finance from the New York University Stern School of Business, she worked for Merrill Lynch and Citibank. After 13 years working in finance, Julie gets numbers. She will bring her unique expertise in finance to Albany where it is desperately needed. As a wife, a mom and one of six siblings herself, she knows what’s important to
New York households – good education, a vibrant economy with plentiful jobs, keeping our children safe and off drugs and a clean environment. Her focus as Lieutenant Governor will remain fixed on those things. In Albany, she will use her education and professional and volunteer experience to understand and put a spotlight on our state government policies, spending and borrowing while working hard to get New York back on track.

Government Reformer

As a member of the Rye City Council for nearly six years, Julie was a true reformer. She was a part of a team that successfully negotiated fair union contracts after years of impasse. She protected Rye’s local assets by selling unnecessary municipal property that allowed for increased infrastructure spending. Following numerous scandals at the municipally owned golf course, Julie initiated new conflict of interest forms and
changes to ethics laws, hired a new City manager and Police Commissioner and outsourced some of the City’s operations to professionals.


Bipartisan Solutions

Common sense and accountability. Julie knows New York spends too much, taxes too
much and wastes too much. We chase away businesses to other states with
counterproductive policies. She thinks lifer-politicians have given too much away to
groups that help elect them, and that those type of bargains have resulted in
dangerously expensive pension costs devouring our local budgets. This diverts money
from our classrooms and from the less fortunate who need it most.
Julie also thinks that partisan feuding in the state is totally unproductive.
It’s one thing to argue for positions, but at the end of the day we need to hammer out
bipartisan fact-based solutions.

Community Volunteer

She served on the Westchester County Charter Revision Commission from 2011-2014.
To deal with the growing challenges of substance abuse in her community, she cofounded
RyeACT (Rye Action for Children and Teens), a community coalition that
works together to educate and empower teenagers and their parents. She is also on
the NYS sponsored task force, Westchester Alliance for Student Success and
Prevention (WASSAP) to examine substance abuse on college campuses and is on
the Advisory Board of St Vincent’s Hospital, a substance abuse and mental health
hospital. Julie is on the Board of the Kroc Institute for Peace at the University of Notre
Dame and an active former Board member of Part of the Solution (POTS), a soup
kitchen and social services agency in the Bronx, and the School of the Holy Child. She
has also been an advocate for children with special needs for 20 years.