May 12, 2017


What You Need to Know


It's been another busy week in national and New York State politics.


Chairman Cox is on a whirlwind trip to San Diego for the annual RNC meeting, where he's meeting with top Republican officials from around the country on how we can grow our Party.


The Chairman gave his New York report where he shared the new strategies and technologies we're employing in the important elections of 2017 and 2018.



ICYMI: He called into Talk 1300 to talk with Fred Dicker about his trip, and more.


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Whether it's Democrats in Washington or New York, their hypocrisy continued to be on full display this week.


This week's Academy Award goes to Chuck Schumer for his crocodile tears over FBI Director Jim Comey's firing. The Dems abandoned any semblance of credibility, twisting and turning like hot pretzels over their double-speak.



Desperate for the national spotlight, Governor Cuomo also put in a strong performance with the announcement of an ad campaign promoting unity and tolerance. Remember when he told conservatives they have no place in New York?


Speaking of the Governor's beloved ad campaigns, his disastrous economic development programs suffered another catastrophic blow this week with a damning new study on New York's stagnant economy.


NY Post: New York's Economy is Sputtering


New York had one of the slowest-growing economies in the nation in 2016, ranking 38th out of 50th with inflation-adjusted GDP growth of just 0.8 percent, roughly half of the national average of 1.5 percent. New York was not even competitive with other northeast states, ranking at the bottom of the list within the region, only second behind Delaware.

We called on the Governor to immediately suspend his vanity "Start-Up NY" campaign that has wasted more than $50 million in taxpayer dollars with no results.


On the New York City front, Mayor de Blasio's Administration was rocked with another scandal, this time with his Department of Corrections.


NY Times: Chaos at Rikers, but City Jails Chief Was Gone for 90 Days


The city's independent Department of Investigation announced that it had found that Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte had been using his taxpayer funded car for basically everything but city-business, making dozens of trips to coastal Maine and being out-of-state for seven weeks worth of work days.


We know Mayor BdB, likes to keep a casual schedule...but seven weeks?!


This kind of abuse would cause any rational employer to hand out a pink slip, but not de Blasio. He hunkered down and defended him, earning him the distinction of being the first mayor to defend public corruption. Bravo, Bill!


It appears the Jails Chief has better sense than his boss and decided to resign.


While the de Blasio Administration was dealing with this crisis, excitement among Republicans continues to swell around the citywide elections this fall and the accomplished and diverse crop of Republicans stepping forward with the ideas and the vision to improve New Yorker's lives.


Check out this great piece from top political journalist Errol Louis:


Republican Ideas are Welcome in New York


These are just some of the week's top stories. We hope you have a great weekend--and to all the wonderful mothers, a very Happy Mother's Day.



Ed Cox


Friday, May 12, 2017