Statement from Chairman Cox on the

Opening of the new Tappan Zee Bridge

August 24, 2017

"It's disgraceful that on the day the new bridge opens, this project still largely remains a black box. While rightfully celebrating today the completion of an urgently needed public works project, huge questions remain as to costs and financing over which the Governor has stumbled recently with contradictory statements. He still owes New Yorkers truthful answers to these questions.

"This project has been plagued by the Governor's penchant for politically-driven black box government, micromanaging and disrespect for the law--traits that in his economic development funding have produced fraudlent, self-serving ads, few jobs and politically-driven, corruption-inducing, wasteful projects that dot the I-90 corridor from Buffalo to Albany and every city in between."


Below is a timeline that highlights critical mile markers throughout the lifespan of the project:

June 2011:

Astorino Calls on Cuomo to Make Rebuilding TZB A Priority in Major Address to the Manhattan Institute

July 2011:

Astorino Takes State Senate Majority Leader and Senate Transportation Chairman on Tour of Tappan Zee Bridge

October 2011:

Cuomo Announces Plans to Rebuild Tappan Zee, fast-track legislation for design-build

December 2011:

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers, NYGOP, Enviornmental Advocates Fight Cuomo to Include Some Form of Mass Transit

April 2012:

Feds Reject Loan Application for Cuomo's Transit-less Bridge

September 2014:

EPA rejects Cuomo's attempts to raid clean water fund to pay for bridge

January 2017:

Cuomo offloads Canal Corporation from Thruway Authority

June 2017:

Cuomo abuses message of necessity to ram through late-night renaming of bridge for his father from the Senate's passed Purple Heart Bridge and current naming after former Governor Malcolm Wilson

July 2017:

Cuomo says at ABNY breakfast entire State Thruway Authority will fund the cost of the bridge replacement

August 2017:

Cuomo reverses position, refuses once again to say how the bridge will be funded and leaves door open to big toll increases after his election.



Thursday, August 24, 2017