Bill Reilich was sworn into office as Greece Town Supervisor in January, 2013. Prior to taking office as Greece Town Supervisor, Bill was an Assemblyman representing Greece, Parma and Ogden from 2003 to 2012, and a Monroe County Legislator representing the residents in the 19th Legislative District where he served from 1998 to 2002.
On July 12, 2008, after a unanimous vote of the Monroe County Republican Committee, Bill accepted the nomination for the position of Chairman of the party. Bill shared his message of working as a team and strengthening the Republican Party in Monroe County.
Though his leadership style is very different from his predecessor, Bill announced to the entire committee that our opponents should not confuse “kindness with weakness.” He is in this to win it. We have many very talented people in our ranks and he intends on making sure that he brings everyone together so we can continue to be successful in electing Republican Candidates.
Bill has been appointed to serve on three Assembly Task Forces. Because of his extensive background in business, Bill was selected to Chair the Small Business task force. In doing so Bill has held over 30 hearings and in doing so traveled to all 62 counties in the state. Bill knows it is not easy for small business owners to go to the Capital to be heard so Bill has bought a bi-partisan group of legislators to listen to there concerns.
As a result an interim report has been produced outlining there concerns and offering legislation to address those concerns. Bill also serves on the NY’s TIME (Today’s Initiatives for the Manufacturing Economy) Task Force and the Urban Crime Task Force.
In addition to these positions, Bill was recognized by the Leadership in his conference and asked to join the leadership team. Bill now serves as the Chairman of the Republican Steering Committee. This Steering Committee Chairman is responsible for sharing the message of the conference throughout the state. Property Tax Relief, 21st Century Technology and the escalating prices of gas and home heating oil are just a few of the topics Bill has worked on in the recent session.
Bill also serves as National Chairman for the SEMA State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus where he leads the fight to protect car enthusiasts’ rights through out New York State and the nation. The auto enthusiast’s hobby is not only a great hobby the entire family can participate in but brings economic dollars to regions hosting car shows and support services.
In addition to his Legislative duties, Bill is a member of the Greece and Spencerport Chamber of Commerce, and a former Member of the Greece Rotary and Marine Fire Department. He has always played an active role in serving his community.
Bill is the father to five children. Bill and his wife Amy reside with their family at 462 Melwood Drive.