Good evening, and welcome to the 2014 New York Republican State Dinner!
And thank you for your support in this critical election year. And this is a critical election year. Because, it’s our time. It’s our time as Republicans to win, to govern and to lead New York back to its roots as the greatest opportunity society in the world.
For the past eight years three Democratic Governors: Eliot Spitzer, David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo have, each in his own way, wantonly and wrecklessly driven New York the wrong way, and New York is losing. Losing big time.
We are the highest taxed, the most regulated and the least economicly free state in America with the worst economic outlook, the highest debt per capita and the highest energy costs, and the tragic bottom line: we are the least business friendly state. Our Empire State is dead last fiftieth.
That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news:
The New York Republican Party is on the rise and coming back! Last November, we won big time, sweeping all seven contested County Executive seats, including in 2:1 Democratic Rockland County and 2:1 Democratic Westchester county. In fact, anything that was 2:1 or better for us we won. And in Erie County, where Democrats outnumber us 3:1, we won a majority in the County Legislature for the first time in 35 years.
We are riding a huge Republican wave, perhaps as big as, if not bigger than, the Republican waves of 1980 and 1994. If Republicans are winning in Westchester, Rockland, and even Erie counties – and we are – Andrew Cuomo should be very worried – and he is. Because riding this huge Republican wave is one of the best teams of Republican statewide candidates ever fielded.
And their message is one of freedom, opportunity and good jobs through lower taxes, less regulation and clean and efficient government that works for all the people and not just the special interests.
Our State Comptroller candidate is Bob Antonacci of Onondaga County. As an attorney, an accountant and a taxpayer advocate with extensive experience as a major county comptroller, Bob Antonacci is among the most qualified candidates ever to run for State Comptroller. His opponent? A politico appointed by Shelly Silver after being judged "not worthy" of the job by a merit panel.
Our Attorney General Candidate is John Cahill of Westchester County. For John, AG stands for Attorney General, not Aspiring Governor and he will do what Democrats can’t do: clean up the Democratic Culture of Corruption in Albany and restore New Yorkers’ faith in our government.
Our Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate is Sheriff Chris Moss of Chemung County. Sheriff Moss is the president of the State's Sheriff’s Association and he has the honor of being on the board of the New York Association of Counties, and if there’s any town in New York that could use a new Sheriff, it’s Albany.
And our gubernatorial candidate is County Executive Rob Astorino of Westchester County. Rob’s record as County Executive is absolutely sterling: he froze or cut county taxes each year by reducing county spending by more real dollars than any county in New York. And 30,000 new jobs have been created in Westchester County since Rob took office.
And Rob Astorino has proven that he knows how to win in a 2:1 Democratic electorate in Westchester. And he did with sixty percent of the Hispanic vote and a good portion of the African American vote. Rob Astorino is the heir to the legacy of the class of 2010 reformist Republican Governors like Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, Nikki Haley, John Kasich and Tom Corbett.
We have another reformist Republican Governor, Mike Pence of Indiana, as our keynote speaker this evening. These Governors have established pro-growth regimes that are bringing good jobs to their states.
With Rob Astorino leading our team, we can, and we will, do the same in New York. Working together, and with your support, we will reverse our state’s decline and make New York a better place to live, a better place to start a business and a better place to raise a family.
Thanks to all of you, the State Party is in the best position we’ve been in years. We have the infrastructure, the staff and the experience to make these prospects a reality.
This is our year; this is our time. It’s our time to send more Republicans to Congress to give Speaker Boehner a solid majority as he works with a new Republican majority in the United States Senate! It’s our time to win back a Republican majority in the State Senate. And it’s our time to take back a super minority of 50 seats in the State Assembly.
It’s our time to create jobs! It’s our time to lead this state again! It’s our time to send Tom DiNapoli, Eric Schneiderman and Andrew Cuomo packing!
Thank you for all that you do for our Party, God bless you, God bless America and welcome to the 2014 New York Republican State Dinner!
Thursday, June 26, 2014